From: Stephanie Yoon, HP Personal Systems Group, Asia Pacific

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Comments on Andy, ECD, the thinc group:

Andy’s strength lies in how he approaches every client brief with a good conceptual framework. He is able to think strategically through the issues, simplify the communications
challenge at hand and come up with a big idea that is both compelling and sound.

As an ECD, he is adept at pushing the creative envelope to come out with refreshing, breakthrough ideas while balancing constraints like brand guidelines.

Andy’s strategic thinking skills and creativity was clearly demonstrated when he worked on HP’s campaign to launch the world’s first notebook with a 3D imprint design. With an intriguing, powerful but emotive headline of “We’re coming out to play”, he succinctly conveyed the key attribute of the product and celebrated the design which featured endangered animals hidden behind an intricate pattern. The core idea was further extended digitally with the creation of an engaging website that won rave reviews . Andy is definitely an invaluable asset to any key campaign planning process.

Stephanie Yoon
HP Personal Systems Group, Asia Pacific

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