3 core values to hold in life and in the creative industry

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I’ve been thinking hard. So hard that my mind’s been twisted in all directions that any human being can ever imagine. And I think I’ve finally managed to narrow it all down to 3 core values. And this is in answer to ONE simple (but super tough) question often heard from clients, friends and myself: “What are the core values that you hold true for yourself and your company, to succeed in the creative industry?”.

I always take it as the core values in my life. Because if you do right in life, success in work follows.

So after much thought (trust me, I must have wasted hours of my breathing time pondering over this harmless but bloody difficult question), here they are. Three of the most important values that define me, my work and my philosophy in life in erm, 3 simple words: “Passion. Principles. Empathy.”

Why these 3?

“Passion” because I don’t believe that anyone can do anything to their maximum and beyond without the burning desire to want to make a difference. To do that, you must start to believe. In your job, industry, client, product, or anything you’re trying to do well. And love what you do. Really love it without reservations.

“Principles” because passion without a beacon is like a wild fire without direction. You need to guide and guard yourself with principles that you truly believe in. These principles channel your passion in the right path, and stops wild passion from over-consuming you. I’ve always heard of grand and lofty ideas, explained passionately. But unfortunately, left to die with no actions taken. If you have real passion without any principles in life to roll up your sleeves and make it happen through hard work, you will not get anywhere. And one of the most important principles I hold true, is integrity. Without that, you don’t truly lead a proper life. LIfe’s not about that extra dollar and cents. But being able to sleep at night knowing you have given it your best shot without compromising your soul.

Lastly, “empathy”. Especially in the creative line. I say this because more often than not, I’ve witnessed countless times, that with the right passion and principles, many lack the understanding and empathy of clients to make it work effectively. If you have raw energy and the right principles without ever feeling for what you client needs, you’re gonna have an equally hard time. Understand, feel and empathise. And your passion, together with the right principles, will find a real home to bed in and manifest.

So there you have it. 3 of the core values in my life that guide me in my endeavors in life. And the creative industry.

What are yours?

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