A Silver for OOH Advertising!

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We’re extremely heartened to have gotten recognition for a bold campaign we did for Yellow Ribbon Project, Singapore! Titled Behind Bars, the campaign made full use of the interactive digital Play platform of bus shelters to encourage the public to “Unlock the Second Prison” to see the bigger picture of real challenges faced by ex-offenders and their families. […]

Not award-winning, but life-winning.

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There are broadly two types of design: the first are those that are crafted to stand out brilliantly to catch your attention, invoke self-reflection, touch your emotions, or generate some reaction, by grabbing you instantly on the spot and creating strong recall. Generally award-winning pedigree because they take you out of your current paradigm to […]

A Bronze for our TVC!

A Bronze for our TVC!

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We’re proud to share that our BLACK HEART AWARDS 《黑心大奖》 anti-scam TVC for the National Crime Prevention Council and Singapore Police Force has nabbed us a BRONZE at MARKIES AWARDS 2017 by Marketing Magazine! Really gratifying to see how our humble little homegrown agency can compete against the big boys. Even happier to see the smiles on our […]

We are MARKIES 2017 Finalist for BEST IDEA – TV/VIDEO

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Very happy to receive news that our BLACK HEART AWARDS 《黑心大奖》anti-scam TVC is a FINALIST for Marketing Magazine’s MARKIES 2017 AWARDS  for BEST IDEA – TV/VIDEO ADVERTISING. All will be revealed on 26 April. Keeping our fingers crossed! And no, this is not a scam message. UPDATE: IT’S A BRONZE!

We are now part of the Hakuhodo family!

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Brand new year, exciting new start!! We would like to take this opportunity to announce officially that The Thinc Group, together with our parent holding company ICG (Integrated Communications Group), has entered into an agreement with Hakuhodo for the acquisition of the company. Hakuhodo is the second largest advertising company in Japan and the seventh […]

It’s official! Together with SCREAME, we’ve won the ITE 2017-2019 pitch!

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After plenty of hard work and effort put in, and a long and agonising wait, we’re so happy to announce that we’ve won the ITE Corporate and Employer Branding Campaign tender that will see us managing their branding efforts for the next 2-3 years! It’s a BIG win for both SCREAME and us! We sincerely felt that we […]

Our anti-scam TVC: coming to a TV near you!

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Recently, the number of phone scams has risen significantly, with many victims losing their hard earned savings to crafty scammers. In collaboration with the cool folks at Stardust Pictures, we’re delighted to have won the pitch called by the National Crime Prevention Council to produce a TVC that aims to raise public awareness and prevent more scams […]

We’ve won the NDP 2017 pitch!

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It’s truly a proud and happy moment for all of us! We’ve won the pitch to produce NDP 2017 creatives and collateral! Woohoo! It’s a national event and we are so pleased to be able to play a part. Yes, we know it’s still some time away, but we really can’t wait to start! (Cue NDP […]

The street fighter guide to starting a business.

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I was recently asked to share some startup tips at a job fair (ST Jobs Express 2016), and after having initial reservations (just who on earth would want to hear me talk about startups? My last name’s not Zuckerberg or Trump!), I decided to accept the opportunity, and share whatever I’ve learnt from my own humble journey in starting and running […]

How we created a CNY video for less than $5!

How we created a CNY video for less than $5!

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The Year of the Monkey has arrived and we’re getting cheekier! It’s the time of the year where we ask ourselves: what kind of “corporate” e-greetings do we want to make this year for our clients? (Got budget? Got time??). Two years ago, if you remember, we had no time to do one (well, we did lah. […]