Thinc forms strategic alliance with SCREAME

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We’re extremely delighted to have formed a strategic alliance with dynamic new media outfit SCREAME. With this special partnership, we’re now able to bring strategic media outreach to our clients – something that you’ve been asking for – and lend a booming voice to all our marketing strategy and creative works to finally offer a […]

Out-of-Office-Day Part II: Not-so-willing Hearts

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Out-of-Office Day Part 2: 12.30pm – 5pm After the morning’s heart-rendering efforts, I decided to reserve the afternoon for some heart-pumping, gravity-defying action. We proceeded to Safra Yishun Country Club for a nice little lunch before proceeding to the Safra Adventure Sports Centre for a tall challenge. Unfortunately, at our scheduled time of 2pm, the […]

Out-of-Office-Day Part I: Willing Hearts

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Ok, so everyone wants to shut the office down. Wish granted. The office was shut down for an entire day on the 28th August as we geared ourselves for some out-of-office adventure. (Judging by the loud cheers when I announced the shut down a couple of days before, I reckon this is something EVERYONE wants […]

Collin’s back! :)

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Our co-founder, Collin, the irreplaceable DI guru, is back after a 5-month sabbatical! And yes, Collin, we missed u (can’t do without you. especially when it comes to FA, DI and photography (esp passport photos). Yippee!

Sssssweet! NHB selects us again for 2013 red packets!

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News just in! we’ve just won the bid from National Heritage Board to design a series of Year of the Snake red packets for CNY 2013! Remember the dragon ang pows we created? This time round, we’ll be introducing the cutest snake ever to wow the kids (and all the young-at-hearts, of course) in another […]

We’ve been appointed HarbourFront Centre’s creative agency for 2012/13

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Yes it’s official and we can now share it with you right here! We’ve been confirmed as HarbourFront Centre’s main creative agency and we’re proud of it! 🙂 So if you’re shopping there and seen some of our work, feel free to comment and make suggestions, so we can constantly improve! Do look out for […]

Suntec City Mall picks us as main creative agency

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We’re happy to announce that thinc has been selected to be Suntec City Mall’s creative agency for the year. 🙂 Yay! We look forward to the challenge, and aim to elevate the Suntec City Mall brand to a new level of experience! If you’ve heard from recent news, Suntec will be undergoing a super major […]

A nice gesture from Mother and Child Project.

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We’re touched by this wonderful gesture by Mother and Child Project, who presented us with a nice token of appreciation for helping them out with a backdrop/counter design for their wrapping booth at Millenia Walk over the Christmas period. To Anna and the wonderful folks at Mother and Child Project: a big thanks, and a […]

Designing for a premier design institution: LASALLE

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We’re exceptionally pleased to have the chance to work with Lasalle College of The Arts! Apart from a super gorgeous college ground which makes every trip there an amazingly volcanic experience for the brain, we are also challenged to the limit (read: stress!) to keep evolving in a bid to create a work that is […]

sneak preview of baby dragons!

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Here’s a sneak peek at the baby dragons we’ve given birth to for our client’s red packet (ang pow) collection for 2012, the largest collection of red packet designs we have ever embarked upon. Look out for a total of 45 limited edition baby dragons dressed up in various themes, coming right up in the […]