Research till intimately connected.

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I have a fondness of watching the various food channels on my cable. They de-stress me (while making me hungry at the same time), takes my mind off work. Which is why I never expected I would catch an inspiring statement from a featured chef in one show (I was in a half-asleep state so […]

Steve Jobs lives on… a tribute!

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A cheeky little tribute to Steve Jobs and Apple, also to commemorate the significant world-changing launch of iCloud. This came about during a brainstorming session with Lyonne… the idea was from her and we did this up in 10 minutes. We realised that the timing of the iCloud launch could not be more appropriate, right […]

The value of value.

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Value is a perception of the mind, and it differs from individuals to individuals. But what is always true is that value drives our behaviour, defines our actions, sets our expectations. A dollar, when slotted into one of these random toy machines, will give you a crack at winning a mystery capsule containing hopefully, a […]

Thank you, Steve.

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Dear Steve, Although you won’t be able to read this, I wish to say a heartfelt “thank you” for being such an inspiration to me. Did you know the impact that you have had on this world? I walked past a group of happy kids today, and saw that their source of happiness was the […]

When perfect kerning & gorgeous colours pale in comparison to a handwritten note.

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Some 7 years ago, a neighbour came to me teary and asking for help in creating and printing a “LOST/REWARD” poster for his missing pet Jack Russell. Being a fellow Jack Russell owner and also the proud new owner of a Xerox machine capable of printing on 250gsm artcard with a nice glossy finish (which […]

More than just colours and typography.

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Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of similar reactions when I introduce myself as a creative person who happens to run a small creative consultancy. “So you do brochures ah?” “Must be fun playing with colours and fonts!” “Wow you guys must be living in an aesthetic world of colours everyday!” And the most […]