Drink, and drive a weapon


No, we didn't this pitch. But thought we'll share what we've submitted.
Which we kind of like. Ok, not kind of. REALLY like. :) Tell us what you think!

The concept:
We wanted to go no nonsense, create something hard-hitting, gripping and thought-provoking.

Summed up by the tagline: “Drink, and Drive a Weapon.”, we wanted to remind drivers, that under the influence of alcohol, even their beloved and seemingly harmless car keys have the potential to become a lethal weapon.

(PS. particular liked the bogus metal detector gantry placed outside drinking holes. A huge visual reminder to drivers stepping into pubs. Yes, it comes with a little "exhibit" bag for drivers to deposit and safekeep their keys, so that the next time they whip it out in a drunken stupor, they'll be reminded of the consequences again.)

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