NHB Baby Dragons Collection 2012

The Year of the Dragon is upon us!

We've designed a limited edition ang pow (red packet) collection for the Museum Roundtable (MR), a collective of public and private museums and heritage galleries chaired by the National Heritage Board (NHB).

In total, we gave birth to 41 unique baby dragons to represent the various member MR museums, plus 2 specially created baby boy and girl dragons.

It was a pretty big task, but one filled with fun and joy (and sweat and tears). To ensure we complete the entire collection without a hitch, we mobilised virtually all our designers, each adopting a few baby dragons and tasked with making them come alive.

Through the hectic few weeks of giving "birth" to the baby dragons, we have also given endearing nicknames to all of them. A sign of how much they have grown to be part of the thinc family! :)

We have our own favourites of course!
Which is yours?

The thinc Baby Dragon Ang Pow Collection
design team:

Chief Creative Baby Dragon: Lyonne
Baby Dragon Designer Dads & Moms:
Racheal, Rodney, Nickie, Kris, Aaron
Landscaping Baby Dragon: Sam, assisted by Jess
Overall Studio Baby Dragon: Clara
Account Exec Baby Dragon: Roz
Proof-reading Baby Dragons: Keat Houng, Azmin

Check out the official Museums website to find out how to get your ang pows! →

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The complete Ang Pow collection:


  1. Chia Christina
    20 January, 2012

    Hi Sir/Madam

    I collect red packets. May I know how can I collect all the designs. I unable visit all museum in Singapore because working shift. Your reply is appreciated. Thanks

    Best Rdgs
    Christina Chia (Ms)

    • andy
      21 January, 2012

      hi Christina! you can purchase a complete set at the River Hongbao celebration. click the above link to the official museums wepage to find out more!

  2. Patricia
    15 February, 2012

    Hi Andy,

    I am a red packet collector. However, I ave missed out the River Hongbao celebration. I tried to access the official wepbpage but was diverted to and fro.
    No one seem to know what exactly it is.
    Can you advise if I can purchase the whole set from you?


    • andy
      15 February, 2012

      hi pat!

      Unfortunately we are just the creative agency who designed the red packets for our client (NHB), so we are not the ones who’s selling it.

      I could check with the client for you to see if they are still selling it!

  3. Patricia
    16 February, 2012

    Morning Andy,

    Thanks very much for your help.


    • andy
      22 February, 2012

      hi pat,

      you’ll be pleased to know that the Limited edition Angbao set is currently retailed at the museum shops at the National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisations Museum and Singapore Art Museum!

      Go get ’em!

  4. Patricia
    23 February, 2012

    Afternoon Andy,

    Grateful for the info. Really much appreciated for your effort.
    Have a good evening 🙂



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