Our Yellow Ribbon 2011 pitch

We missed out on the 2011 Yellow Ribbon Project Campaign. Nevertheless, we'd like to share our pitch strategy and creatives with you, having put in our 100% effort and energy. (And if by sharing, we're able to play our little part in helping to spread the awareness of the Yellow Ribbon Project, then our efforts will be worth it!).

"Celebrate Second chances by making the First move."
These visuals formed the anchor concept for our pitch strategy, where the main brief was to translate awareness into action. The brief also requested us to have continuity of our 2010 creatives.

Our idea was simple: since awareness for what the Yellow Ribbon stands for was already very high, we wanted to elevate the symbolism of the Yellow Ribbon into one that will remind everyone of talking real action. Instead of showing just one Ribbon, we wanted to show that it was actually much more meaningful to have more Yellow Ribbons coming together as one. Afterall, you need more than one person to make the Yellow Ribbon Project work.

*note: the visuals shown here are all pitch mood boards and not in hi-res.

download our full 2011 pitch proposal for a better understanding of our strategy →


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  1. Daryl
    17 January, 2012

    Hahaha! Just a 20 cents from me. If im the one, i will make use of the yellow ribbon as a medium to tie the ex convict with families, societies and employers together.


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