Rebranding Tiong Bahru Plaza


We switched the clothes of the expat with that of a Singaporean indian to give a twist to highlight the cultural blend of the Tiong Bahru estate, where friendships are developed over teh tarik and a cold beer or two.

TBP9The coffeeshop lady and the professional executive trade places.

Grandma gets to don a school uniform while the student gets to glam up in grandma’s garb.

TBP10Daddy and mommy in kid’s wear, while their kids learn about how their grandparents used to dress like back in the good old times.

The hoardings are designed to blend in naturally with the estate, depicting everyday ongoings, with the added bonus of the window and door grilles giving a peep within – to reveal the artist impressions of what the newly revamped Tiong Bahru Plaza will look like. (If you’ve been to Tiong Bahru and walked past the ground floor homes, we’re sure you’ve peeped into the homes through the windows and doors before as well!).

Go on, take a peep!

We replicated the exact look of the Tiong Bahru shops. In this swap, the student dressed in grandma’s garb chooses to use the old style pay phone, while grandma is more technologically sophisticated.

Where possible, real-life objects like this payphone are used as part of the hoardings to create a real atmosphere.

Even signboards are replicated faithfully to every last detail. Can you spot this signboard and which shop it belongs to in Tiong Bahru?

We wanted to replicate the back lanes of Tiong Bahru, where kids used to roam back in the old days and play their self-styled kampong games.

Even the Tiong Bahru cats get to claim their right share of space on the hoardings.

A store directory that welcomes shoppers home.

Rehashing an old classic into a premium giveaway with a strong messaging: let’s all race home to Tiong Bahru Plaza!

The humble paper bag gets a fun twist.

The classic condensed milk takeaway coffee tin gets a modern refresh into a collectible premium.

Activation: can you tell the difference between kopi and latte?

Activation: a roving “Tikam Tikam” truck to bring good old childhood memories back to everyone. Climb onboard to tikam for shopping vouchers!



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