The Onigiri Story

Client: Liang Court
Scope: Mall brand story & identity
2012 onwards

With its signature, authentic Japanese offerings complemented by a wonderful retail mix of local and international brands and shops, Liang Court is the place where native Japanese drop by to feel at home while familiarising themselves with local flavours, while Singaporeans pop in to savour a dose of Japanese culture.

We saw the opportunity to position Liang Court as the perfect community hub for native Japanese and local Singaporeans, where "locals get Japanese, and Japanese get local".

To depict that, we wanted a symbol that can represent the nostalgia of feeling right at home in Japan. The humble Onigiri (traditional Japanese rice ball) was picked and given a little local twist (toppings!), and the result was a character that carries a strong Japanese base with changeable local flavours.

Because Liang Court is a community-driven hub of Japanese and locals, and caters to a variety of interest, passion and taste, we created different Onigiri characters to represent each little cluster of interest groups.

Have a look at the various cute characters... which Onigiri are you? :)

The strategy and thoughts at a glimpse:

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The creatives for phase 1:

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