Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2013

The given theme for this year's Yellow Ribbon Prison Run was "The Road to Acceptance".

In coming out with this winning pitch, we wanted to tell the world, that by pledging to run, 
they are pledging to embark on a symbolic journey 
to banish stigmatisation in their minds. 

Every step they take means 
an extra mile for the ex-offenders. 

Every turn they make in the route 
helps inspire the right turns.

 And the end point of the run is not the end of it all, but the beginning of acceptance.

How can we depict a road run into a journey? One day, while walking along the road trying to crack this, the humble yellow divider line caught our attention. Doesn't it share the same colour as the iconic Yellow Ribbon? Mmm... what happens if we combine them...? Presto! :)

See how we evolve this story for 2014 →


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