Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014

Winning the 2014 bid for this project gave us the wonderful opportunity to evolve our 2013 concept into a campaign with greater intensity and emotions.

This time round, we wanted to dive deeper 
into the uniqueness 
of the run as an inspirational journey that parallels the ups and downs of the journey 
faced by an ex-offender
, to truly differentiate the Prison Run as a symbolic run unlike any other.

A strong "Yellow Ribbon road divider" symbol was introduced in 2013, and we're bringing it to life, to highlight the message that it’s not just a run, but one that goes deep into real-life significance, one that truly and powerfully depicts “The Road to Acceptance”.

We wanted to create a mood filled with emotions to truly inspire. 
The photography style is one of great intensity, of man against the road and himself, 
of man challenging himself in adversity and taking on the environment around him.

We also coined a powerful call-to-action designed to rally everyone into a strong action, while reminding us that by accepting the challenge to run, we are challenging stigmatisation and non-acceptance every step of the way:

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