We are The Thinc Group.

“Thinc” stands for “Think Incorporated”.

A 100% home-grown creative outfit where great ideas are hungrily and obsessively pursued.

Why are we so obsessed about thinking more for you?
Because we believe in the power of Responsible Creativity.
As communications specialists and professionals, we have the ability to influence and make a difference. And we owe it to ourselves to do it the right way.

“Responsible Creativity” is about being real without fluff, being sincere without over-promising, being genuine but memorable.

So go ahead, throw us a challenge. Whet our appetite.

What we can help you with:

– 360 Integrated Strategy
– Integrated Campaigns
– Product/Service Positioning
– Branding + Brand Revitalisation
– Research + Focus Groups + Surveys
– Digital + Social Media Management
– On-ground Activations
– Launch Event Ideas
– Design + Illustration
– Media Planning/Strategy




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