A nice gesture from Mother and Child Project.

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We’re touched by this wonderful gesture by Mother and Child Project, who presented us with a nice token of appreciation for helping them out with a backdrop/counter design for their wrapping booth at Millenia Walk over the Christmas period.

To Anna and the wonderful folks at Mother and Child Project: a big thanks, and a bigger salute to your selfless dedication and efforts in standing up for the cause of disadvantaged women in Singapore.

About the Mother and Child Project
Mother and Child Project products are made in Singapore by mothers (mostly single mothers with children), retirees and women recovering from psychiatric illnesses.

By providing sewing contract work under the Mother and Child brand, the Project Project provides home-based work for disadvantaged mothers and their children so that they can become economically self-sufficient. We try to ensure that a large percentage of money earned from each product goes back to these women.

Mother and Child Project is a Social Enterprise run by Singapore Anglican Community Services and seed funded by Comcare Enterprise Fund.


About the token of appreciation: handmade Samsui Woman Doorstop

The Samsui Woman is a Singapore icon. Between 1930 and 1980, many young women from the impoverished Samsui County of Guangong in Southern China came to Singapore as construction workers. They worked very hard, many till they were very old , but lived simply so they could send most of their earnings back to their families in China.

Their distinctive outfit consists of red head gear, a China-blue pant suit called a Samfu and an apron. Their headgear was created by folding a one meter square piece of starched red cloth over their head, which served as a shield from the sun and dust.

The Samsui Woman Doorstop comes without the filler for easy shipping. Just unzip upon arrival and stuff with cotton wool and pebbles till full.


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