Out-of-Office-Day Part II: Not-so-willing Hearts

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Out-of-Office Day Part 2: 12.30pm – 5pm
After the morning’s heart-rendering efforts, I decided to reserve the afternoon for some heart-pumping, gravity-defying action.

We proceeded to Safra Yishun Country Club for a nice little lunch before proceeding to the Safra Adventure Sports Centre for a tall challenge. Unfortunately, at our scheduled time of 2pm, the heavens started to pour. Yes, I could see the disappointment (or relief?) on everybody’s face.

So we took a detour to Orchid Bowl to wait out the rain (was told by Danny, the Club Manager who hosted us with great professionalism and hospitality, that it might be tough to proceed with the Canopy Sky Walker because of the weather, so fingers crossed).

Bowling was not too bad. Though the ladies had fingernail issues. Tsk tsk tsk. The lucky thing was, after one game, the rain actually stopped and we were told that we could proceed with the Walk after all. This had everyone buzzing again (I hoped!).


The Canopy Sky Walker beckons…

As we climbed up the tower, I could hear everyone’s heart beating. Breathing got heavier, chatter got louder… the steps seemed like an eternity as we got up to some 70m off the ground.

We were embarking on the more basic Canopy Sky Walker (as compared to the higher and more daunting Canopy Challenge Walk, which everyone pledged to try the next time. Ok, I hear you. I didn’t forget!).

The Canopy Sky Walker consists of 4 “stations”: the Cargo Net Bridge, the wobbly Zig-Zag Trail, the never-ending Broken Island, and lastly, the Flying Fox back to where we started.

And Jess was volunteered to go FIRST. Followed by Lyonne. Then Nickie…

And we were given great tips from Danny, Safra Yishun’s Club Manager (eg. “Don’t look down.”).
Thanks ah, Danny.

Most of us we relieved when we reached the last circuit, the Flying Fox. (Yeah right, Andy).

And after most of us took off, poor Clara was asked to cut short her walk because of adverse weather conditions. And she had to take on the daunting tightrope all by herself as she cuts across the circuit. That’s the special training regime reserved for the Supreme Traffic Authority.

All in all, a fantastic day. Well, at least we can say, we’ve scaled, erm, greater heights (and survived).

We’ll be back for the more daunting Canopy Challenge Walk. We will, riiiiight?

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Acknowledgement/Note of Thanks
The Thinc Group would like to thank Danny and the wonderfully professional and reassuring instructors/staff of Safra Yishun Country Club and Safra Adventure Sports Centre for the great hospitality and a great afternoon out. You made our day!

[ More about Safra Yishun Country Club and the Canopy Challenge Walk ]


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