A radiant new City emerges…

Client: Suntec City
Scope: Launch of new brand & identity
2013 onwards

It's been more than a year in the making, and as Suntec City's Phase 1 launches, we're now able to show you the new look and identity of the various communication touchpoints that we've been painstakingly working hard on!

The strategy is to launch an energetic, colourful and dazzling new mall with new communication grids that reflect the new vibrancy of Suntec City. The new Suntec logo is a full spectrum of excitement all radiating from one world, and we took full advantage of that to unleash the spectacular true colours of retail shopping at the newly revamped City.

Watch this space as we update the creatives as they unfold through 2013 all the way through 2015, when Suntec City will open in full bloom.

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