Creative Collisions

LASALLE Open House 2012

We’re exceptionally pleased to have the chance to work with Lasalle College of The Arts!

Apart from a super gorgeous college ground which makes every trip there an amazingly volcanic experience for the brain, we are also challenged to the limit (read: stress!) to keep evolving in a bid to create a work that is both commercial, yet forward-looking and trend defining.

The brief consisted of 2 parts: create a brand image that reflects their identity to be applied to their generic recruitment collateral, and work with ATL agency Y&R to produce a series of deliverables for their 2012 Open House which they have themed "Discover The Work Behind the Work".

The designs were inspired by the amazing architecture of the LASALLE campus, which resembled a volcano, complete with organically shaped windows that look like tectonic plates.

We thought, why not use the shapes of the "plates" as a base for the design? That would give a real peek into the amazing dynamism within LASALLE College of the Arts, a place where "Creative Collisions Spark Artistic Revolutions."

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